a place established for creative workshops,
sessions, meetings, coaching events, conferences, photo shoots – everything that involves creativity.


 5 indemepndent workshop spaces at 3 foors that can be combined and  adapted to our guests needs

Our goal is to create a place where outstanding ideas will arise. We will do and deliver everything that is needed to achieve it. We put an your disposal 300 m2 villa with a beautiful garden and its own parking lot. It’s a space where you can comfortably work in a large group of up to 60 people, as well as one-on-one. We provide all necessary equipment (projector, 70 ″, 55 ″ and 42 ″ LCD monitors, audio equipment, printer, computer, fiber optic Internet) and materials (flipcharts, sticky notes, markers, crayons, highlighters, etc.).

300 m2 full of sunshine 
& creative atmosphere.

We can arrange our space according to your wishes. At your request, Mieszkanie Pomysłów can become a conference room with a large table, a place to chill equipped with comfortable sofas, a fitness room with soft mats, photo studio, a film set – anything you want.

Taking care of the atmosphere means also taking care of our clients’ wellbeing. We did that by using only natural wall paint, natural wooden floors and furniture. We use only natural cleaning products.

We don’t forget that creating ideas is an energy consuming exercise. We provide delicious coffee, a large selection of teas, home lemonade, healthy snacks. For lunch we offerr our guests everything they wish and like to eat.